Tina Trumpp was born in 1974, lives now in Stuttgart/ Germany and is a fine art photographer and singer.

She discovered her love of photography early on, but started working professionaly in this field in 2014. With her break-out exhibition entitled 'Shades of Sensuality‘, Trumpp focuses on the photographic motif of the female body as a visual answer to her musical universe. Using natural lighting and soft lines, Trumpp offers a fresh perspective on nudity. Imbued with tranquil self-confidence, her muses possess a natural feeling of respectful elegance, highlighted by strength and breathtaking beauty. Often depicted in the muffled intimacy of their private spaces, they carelessly unveil their femininity while silently lost in deep thought. Are they reminscing the memories of a long-lost lover? Or waiting for one to return? Trumpp's seductive images trigger a narrative based on thoughtful emotions rather than primary instincts. With her multiple recent exhibitions and the notable support of Leica, Tina Trumpp is under the spotlight of the photography world. One of the few women in this field, she has crafted a personal style where female nude is more than just a motif; Breathing with the gentle spirit of modern feminisim, her images are an ode to women and their sensitive beauty.

Frank Paul Kistner about Tina Trumpp and her exhibition 'Shades Of Sensuality', ESSAY: 
Using natural lighting and soft lines, Tina Trumpp has created sleek and sensual images of the female body. The mystery of femininity is revisited with a fresh perspective – not as an object of desire, but rather with a respectful elegance, simultaneously displaying confidence, strength and breathtaking beauty. When immersed in Tina Trumpp’s visual world, the observer can feel her intensity and the artistic spirit with which she approaches her muses. The observer’s sense of the moment gives way to feminine fantasies and erotic dream-like images. Far from being superficial pin-ups, her photographs recall a visual language that reflects a painter’s view of the female body. George Bataille once wrote that “Eroticism is assenting to life even in death.” The sensuality of the female nude, as seen by a woman, is seductive and provocative at the same time. This young artist has created her own very personal view of the female body amid the current, newly enflamed background of a shockingly self-righteous and almost puritanical debate. “Shades of Sensuality” is the poetic and inviting title for her actual exhibition. In her work Tina Trumpp presents us with a clear symbol of love. The way she observes femininity is an ode to the beauty of women and it is enchanting without being voyeuristic.



Shades of Sensuality
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Golden Girl
Stuttgart 2016
60 x 45 cm
23.62 x 17.72 in.
Edition of 25
120 x 80 cm
47.24 x 31.50 in.
Edition of 7
180 x 135 cm
70.87 x 53.15 in.
Edition of 5

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